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The company KOMANDOR in Barcelona offers a full range of services, including a design project, preparatory work, repairs, high-quality custom-made furniture for individual projects and other interior items.

Specialists of the company KOMANDOR perform various works: it can be the reorganization of the living room, and the repair of the store, and even the construction of a luxurious cottage. All projects are united by an individual approach to details, exceptional quality and excellent design.

  • Interior design

    The KOMANDOR company in Barcelona offers its customers to find the best design options, simplifies working with builders, saves money on materials and finishing works, and most importantly - creates a residential interior in which you want to live!

    To enlist the support of design professionals, you can order turnkey design, and a number of related services from us:

    • 3D visualization of the situation;
    • Creating a design for rooms - kitchen, living room, bedroom, office;
    • Development of the project of re-planning or reconstruction of buildings;
    • Author's supervision;
    • Selection of materials, furniture, textiles, equipment.

    Stages of cooperation:

    • Preliminary consultation - a meeting with a specialist will help to formulate the requirements for the interior, determine the budget, style and other things;
    • Conclusion of a contract;
    • Work on the design planning solutions, visualization, creating drawings;
    • Coordination of decisions received, making changes;
    • Perform additional work or transfer the results to the customer.
  • Custom furniture design

    The KOMANDOR company has extensive experience in the production of furniture for individual orders in Barcelona. Stylish collections are both original and practical.

    All products of the company KOMANDOR in Barcelona: wardrobes - compartments, kitchens, wardrobes, office and interior partition walls, furniture for children's rooms, bedrooms and hotels - will perfectly fit into any interior. Examples of projects in Barcelona, made according to our projects, you can see HERE

  • Construction and repair works

    The company KOMANDOR in Barcelona, ​​focusing on high-quality execution of customer orders, offers a full range of repair and construction work in Barcelona and the suburbs. At the same time, the main principles of the work of KOMANDOR specialists are diligence, timeliness and full implementation of all customer requirements.

    The main types of work of the company KOMANDOR:

    • Turnkey finishing works;
    • Construction of houses and cottages;
    • Reconstruction Redevelopment of residential and office space ;
    • Engineering design and special work.
  • Architectural design

    If you are planning to build or renovate a house in Barcelona or a suburb, then first of all you need to create a clear plan, according to which work will be done. Architectural design will create a primary model that will determine the appearance of the future structure, its main elements and the complexity of the work.

    The main stages of architectural design:

    • Collection and analysis of the primary data set.
    • The customer provides the maximum information required to understand the future of the project.
    • Planning decisions plot.
    • Selection and formation of a building spot on which the object will be located.
    • Functional planning solution.
    • The process of planning and creating links between the building blocks and its individual parts.
    • Volumetric planning and functional solutions.
    • The final design and submission of the finished project.
    • Documentation and registration of the project for future construction.


The managers and designers of KOMANDOR will be happy to answer any questions, suggest the best solutions for your library or office, suggest how to organize the space in the service room or in the hall, design a dressing room or choose between sliding doors, folding and with hinges.

Our highly qualified specialists in the field of repair and decoration can perform any work, including electrical installation and all types of reconstruction.

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